Waffle Is All About Rousing Live Events

If you love going to live events, then you know that the crowd makes all the difference. You can see your favorite band play live 100 times, and no two performances will be alike. They probably don’t play the songs all that differently each time, yet, something about circumstances, the energy of the crowd, makes particular occasions magical.


Reveling in that magic is what Waffle is all about. Waffle is a new messaging app geared toward allowing the audience to capture and share moments at live events.


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The sneak peaks point toward the app working a lot like Twitter, only more focused on localized happenings. This should make the app easy to adopt for plenty of users who are comfortable with handles and hashtags by now. A good reason for needing an alternative to Twitter is the amount of noise on the platform. Waffle lets impassioned fans tune out everything but unfolding events that matter most to them.


As the Waffle website puts it: “There wasn’t a dedicated community around the events we loved most. Companies tend to view attendees as an afterthought, making the performers the focus. On Waffle, you and the crowd are the main event.”


Everything belongs to the crowd at the moment, right? Well the crowd should be no exception! With Waffle, members have a simple tool that allows them to find out what’s going on around them; get a little closer to the action, with videos, photos, and messages; and connect with people over shared interests.


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Through the app and the community, members can discover other events that they might otherwise miss or have never heard about. If you find other social media outlets cluttered or boring, Waffle re-energizes the scene by concentrating on singular moments.


And they’ve struck a nerve. After emerging from the Founders Space Incubator in San Francisco, the company has already raised $250K in capital – enough to make a lot of fellow startups still in web beta pretty jealous.


Loading event apps is tiresome. They’re useful, but how many manage to stoke excitement or enhance enjoyment of the actual event? If you want to keep things on the level of waving lighters and relish the moment, then check out Waffle.


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