Wabt.com – West Alabama Bank Website

Clients of the West Alabama Bank can access their accounts online at WABT.com, and manage their finances in a 100% secure way using a simple control panel. If you’re a client of the bank, then on this site you’ll be able to do everything from withdrawing money and reordering checks to calculating mortgages and refinancing your debts.

And the West Alabama Bank also offers online services to its business users, of course. If you’re one, you’ll get to apply for loans and transfer the kind of money that only a company sees on a day’s work.

Like most online banks do, WBAT.com also comes with a branch locator (see here) and a list of bank-owned properties that’s always up-to-date. Plus, those of you who’re interested can sign up for e-statements, and automatically start receiving your statements in an electronic form.

And users of the West Alabama Bank debit card can turn to this site to know about the rewards they can get. If you own one, each and every time you swipe your card your new score will be reflected on WABT.com. And once you’ve got enough points, then you’ll get to easily redeem them on this page.

And if you’re not an online customer of the bank, then you can enroll as one either by going to your local office and signing up, or by sending an email to [email protected].