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w3.kinemo.com/p/fameslotKinemo is a mobile greetings company that is offering a way for you to give mom a very unique gift for Mother’s day. If you have a Sprint, AT&T, or T-Mobile cell phone you can get 5 seconds of Time Square Giant Screen fame for your mother.

For $100 you can have your mother’s photo placed on the big screen in times square along with a message. First you most upload a photo of mom and add a message you can see a preview of how it will look on the big screen. Then you need to pick a 15 minute time slot for when you want your mom’s 5 seconds of fame to fall within. You will get a notification on your cell phone 10 minutes before your mom’s photo will appear. Besides having your mom’s face on the big screen you will receive a photo souvenir of the moment. A photo of your mom on the big screen in Times Square will be sent to you. Forget the flowers and cards give mom something she will always remember.

w3.kinemo.com/p/fameslot In Their Own Words

” It’s easy to make this Mother’s Day the one she’ll never forget.”

Why w3.kinemo.com/p/fameslot It Might Be A Killer

Kinemo is definitely offering a service that will make a very unique and fun gift for mom. Each year it becomes more challenging to think of a new gift for Mother’s day, Kinemo can help you think outside of the box and into Time Square. The process of setting the gift up is very simple and there are many ways for you to preview the gift which is nice.

Some Questions About w3.kinemo.com/p/fameslot

There are most definitely better ways to spend $100 on your mother for mother’s day. It would be nice if all cell phone carriers could be included not just, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T. w3.kinemo.com/p/fameslot