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Vyoom.comVyoom is a community site which brings in a new twist: members are rewarded points for interacting and socializing which each other, and these point scan later be redeemed for real life prizes that the user wants.


The site itself has two different streams: a public one where events are listed and gossip is found, and a private one where interaction is kept as reserved as the user wishes.

The latter is obviously the spot where family members communicate, and the same goes for coworkers and colleagues.

Points can be accrued in several ways, but everyday social interaction is the essence of the system. Referring friends is one of the most effective options you have.

Other than the awards aspect, the site is not that dissimilar from other networking resources. Simply pay it a visit, have a look at the items making up the reward store, and make up your mind about joining or not. Since the site has recently launched, note that there are special bonus point programs, so you might as well take advantage of such offers. In Their Own Words

“Where social activity is rewarded.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The words “free” and “prizes” simply make people flock to anything.

Some Questions About

Will the rewards aspect be enough to carry the site off?

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