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Vuzit.comVuzit is an online document viewing tool (‘views-it’). Documents are an extremely easy way to distribute information however, not all documents are made equal.

Some require extra downloads in order to open and read them. Others don’t work with certain software, moreover, sending visitors off to download documents means lost page views. With Vuzit, however, you can embed documents right into your webpage which means no downloads or extra tools are needed. You can upload up to 100 megs—at the moment only PDF is supported, but Microsoft Office tools are on their way. Vuzit is built with Ajax and it integrates easily into any webpage. Colors and icons are customizable. Vuzit is free to use. In Their Own Words

“Vuzit (pronounced “views-it”), Hovitate’s flagship software, is web-based software that changes the document distribution landscape by enabling universal office document viewing, security, auditing, and search that increases revenue by improving overall accessibility and usability. Vuzit allows content publishers to embed documents in their web pages, similar to how YouTube distributes video, thus maintaining consistent branding and site navigation. Document auditing and statistical analysis enables content publishers to analyze the usage of their documents to create new revenue streams and optimize workflow.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Vuzit offers a flexible and easy alternative to document viewing. Site owners and bloggers and can keep visitors on their sites. It avoids compatibility problems. Looks good too.

Some Questions About

Any plans on adding annotation abilities? What about the ability to add comments or collaborate?