KillerStartups – An Ad Platform For Small Business Owners

Vurve.comIn a nutshell, what Vurve does is to automate online advertising for small businesses. Owners of such ventures are simply asked two set up questions and are charged $ 200 per month in order to begin having Vurve ads displayed on their sites. They have to perform some weekly maintenance, too, but that will never amount to more than half an hour per week.

Vurve ads can be placed just anywhere. The platform can have ads displayed not only on sites and blogs but also on Facebook fan pages. And as it is only fit, Vurve comes with full-on analytics for measuring the behavior of visitors. You (as the store owner) will be able to realize what led them to an actual purchase.

Ultimately, small business owners are often left embittered with the advertising game for the simple reason that ad platforms are unable to cater to their actual needs and public with precision. It is hard for them to get a decent ROI. Vurve addresses such concerns directly, and it is sure not to go unnoticed by all these who feel islanded by other platforms that are much broader and generic to really benefit them. In Their Own Words

Advertising on autopilot.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives small business owners a chance to earn some real money, and spend the amount they can actually afford on promotion.

Some Questions About

Who is behind Vurve?

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