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Vurbs.comBroadly speaking, Vurbs is a web-based service whereby users can organize video files featured both on YouTube and GoogleVideos to the effects of commenting and ranking them.

The main page comprises the top video contributions, and these can be sorted by score and views alike.

It is also possible to visualize the videos that have been added recently to the online database. A keyword cloud is likewise included, and this is made up of popular tags that will let the user see what is arousing the most interest online.

What’s more, those who use Vurbs have a chance of generating an income since they are paid for directing traffic to this site by submitting videos.

Registration must be carried out in order to use this system. This process is actually inexpensive, and account particulars must be provided alongside information like an existing Adsense Code for sharing in the profits. In Their Own Words

“Videos from Google-Video and Youtube can be organized in one place by registering with us. Registration also allows you to contribute, comment on, and rank videos.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

You can see what’s hot on the web and generate an income by doing so.

Some Questions About

Will other video sites besides YouTube and GoogleVideos be included sometime soon?