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VRLmags is a vision: “To become to Display Ads what Craigs List became to Classifieds.” publishes Trade/Consumer magazines in various industries. Its flagship is a monthly 3D/Actionflash formated music magazine. is now launching new 3 magazines: FOODS Today – MadJiggy (StreetWear & Lifestyle) and 310 (Fashion, People and Hotspots)

VRLmags In Their Own Words

We distribute our magazines through word of mouth and by posting them in blogs, forums, discussion groups, social networks etc… But the bulk of our spreading the web is due to our editorial strategy which is to feature people in these industries who most need coverage. This has great positive repercussions.

With our music magazine (Which is bundled to our music site: we have around 400,000 hits per month)

Why VRLmags It Might Be A Killer

It might be a killer because companies can have their products or human resources reviewed and featured and most importantly because they can reach hundreds of thousands of people in their industry plus countless consumers for less than the cost of a good meal at this dpoint. And their Site/Ads GO to the target instead of the target trying to find them.

Some Questions About VRLmags

Will they be able to continue without generous funding? Apparently they’ve been profitable since day one but the question remains


They are presently swithching servers.

Author : Fred Inman

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