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VoxOx.comAs it is pointed out on the site, nowadays we use multiple technologies in order to stay connected. Phone, electronic mail, instant messaging and video conferencing spring immediately to mind, and they are not the only ones.


Taking this into account, the team behind this project set out to create a software that integrated them all together. The resulting product goes by the name of VoxOx, and this site describes its nuances and fine points.

In general terms, VoxOx makes for handling all the aforementioned technologies using a single package. You can send instant messages, engage into video conferences a la Skype and also interact in most social networks. Moreover, file transfer in real-time is taken into consideration. That is, you upload a file and the other user downloads it at the very same time.

Windows and Mac users are already supported, and support for Linux is forthcoming. The latest version can be downloaded by following the link that is provided, and after you install VoxOx an account must be created in order to launch it for the first time. In Their Own Words

“VoxOx: Defining total interconnectivity.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Although it is still in its formative stages, it is an interesting tool that can occupy a place of its own when fully realized.

Some Questions About

When will Linux be supported?


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