Voxora.com – Voicemail For Places

Voxora.comVoxora is a web service for recording messages at specific places. Powered by Foursquare, it lets you leave a message at any place that you ever visit, and all the people who come behind you will be able to listen to this message when they are at the place you originally recorded it. Of course, as a user of the service you’re also allowed to listen to what other people have recorded yourself.

A platform like this one is great for knowing what people who have attended the very same event you have attended have to say about it. And you can also turn to something like Voxora when you need directions – if your luck is in, chances are someone will provide you with the information you’re after within minutes of you having recorded and left your message.

Voxora is free to use, and you can start recording and listening to messages just by authenticating who you are via Foursquare. No personally-identifiable information has to be supplied, and whether you disclose any of that when recording the actual message it’s an entirely different matter.

Voxora.com In Their Own Words

Voxora is the easiest way to share voice messages at the places you visit. It’s super simple. Check in on foursquare then call voxora and leave a message. Or call voxora and listen to the messages left by everyone else. Ready to get started?

Some Questions About Voxora.com

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