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Voxli.comVoxli is every gamers’ dream solution for a very common situation that keeps cropping up when you are trying to play multiplayer games. Perhaps one of the best features in some modern day gaming consoles is the headset with the push to talk function incorporated to the console and game itself.


However this is a very uncommon thing in most PC games that people like to play; hence becoming a huge nuisance to proper communications during game play.

Nonetheless, the people at Voxli have found a way to circumvent this conundrum with a novelty approach to voice over IP. What happens is the following, when you go on their site, you get a URL field which is customizable (for instance, “”). Once you have customized it you only need to hit ‘start’. This in turn takes you to a page where you are instructed to download a small app that will enable speaker and microphone usage. Once you have this app installed all you have to do is share the URL and start talking away in multipartite conferences. The app can be used during gameplay and is compatible with a vast majority of the push to talk headsets available in the market. In Their Own Words

‘Instant Voice Chat For Gamers And Teams.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

It brings about a really useful functionality.

Some Questions About

How does this app compete with the other broadly available apps such as Skype?

Author : Bill Webb

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