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Today’s Killer Startup: Voter


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Elevator Pitch

Voter helps people determine which party their beliefs best align with, as well as who they should vote for and where/when they can vote.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

As primary season heats up in the States, people who care about voting (which is actually a depressing small number, but that’s the topic of another article on another day) are starting to think about who they’re going to vote for. Clinton? Sanders? Trump? That’s not to mention the myriad local elections that are also going on in the next few months.


For people who are trying to decide who’s going to get their checkmark, Voter is here to help! The app uses a Tinder-like interface to determine each person’s beliefs, and then directs them toward a party and a candidate that they should vote for. Each issue card includes a non-biased, non-partisan breakdown of the issue, so that voters who need a little more info before voting can educate themselves.


The first set of questions is quick. It brings up big issues like abortion and minimum wage. When I answered them, Voter matched me 99% with Bernie Sanders, my own hometown hero, which means they’re probably doing something right. In order to determine who you match with, the app analyzes everything from stances to speeches to Weissman Scores – and the whole system is gamified enough that I wanted to go back and do the other question sets and see what they came up with next.


Voter is a great app for election time, providing the immediate and gamified results that Millennials in particular are accustomed to. I’m curious to see where the team takes it so that it’s still relevant outside election time, which is an issue that other political apps I’ve written about in the past have faced. However, for now? Go download Voter and see where you stand.



Not sure who to vote for? Let @Voter help you figure it out.


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