VosTu.com – Create Your Very Own Social Network

VosTu.comDo your social networks leave much to be desired? Are you unhappy with your current social networks? Well, now you can have your very own social network courtesy of Vostu. You’re given maximum creative flexibility—you choose your network’s name, the color scheme, privacy levels, members, and features, and all of this is absolutely free.

Of course, there is a Hispanic leaning to the site, but everyone is welcome to join. Once you’ve set up your network and passed on invites to all of your pals on Facebook, Hi5, or Myspace (they have a contact importer for all of these sites!), you can start making money with Google Adsense. Money will be deposited directly into your bank account in no time. In order to browse Vostu’s networks, you’ll have to register first.

VosTu.com In Their Own Words

“Only Vostu lets you create your own free personalized social network within seconds as well as explore and join other networks within our Universe!
Vostu is a community of social networks that have as their base your city, local community, high school, college, group of friends, family, or simply people with whom you share something in common.”

Why VosTu.com It Might Be A Killer

Vostu gives regular folks a means to create their own completely customized social network. Users can shape everything from color to privacy preferences. This is especially useful for the target Hispanic audience, as they don’t have to rely on other networks that don’t reflect their personal interests or tastes. With Vostu, users are given their own voice in the way they present their own content on the web – whether it’s by creating their own network or joining an existing one that is targeted to a very specific niche!

Some Questions About VosTu.com

How flexible are these networks? Is it even useful for networking purposes to have a closed network that no one knows about? VosTu.com