Vorby.appspot.com – The Movie Quote Site

Vorby.appspot.comVorby is a fun little site that allows users to enter their favorite quotes from their favorite movies. The database is completely searchable meaning that as more people enter their favorite quotes it becomes increasingly useful.

The next time you think of a great quote but can’t remember what movie it’s from, or you remember the movie but can’t think of the exact quote, go to Vorby and your problem is solved. The site is pleasantly laid out and gives you the option of either searching for a particular movie or for a specific quote. To make things more interesting, other users can vote on which quotes they like best and the “top quotes” are displayed on the front page. So, think of Vorby as the interactive movie quote site.

Vorby.appspot.com In Their Own Words

“The movie quote site. It’s kind of a big deal.”

Why Vorby.appspot.com It Might Be A Killer

Allowing users to upload their favorite quotes and to vote on quotes that others have submitted should allow Vorby to create an impressive database in a short period of time.

Some Questions About Vorby.appspot.com

Perhaps they could incorporate the addition of comments so that people could get into heated discussions about their favorite quotes? This would increase the interactive nature of the site. Vorby.appspot.com