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Voofie.comVoofie is a platform whereby you can build a profile reflecting your expertise in any given area, and post articles proving it. This is accomplished by way of a proprietary “Impact Factor” system that showcases these things that you excel at, and the articles that you publish are then tagged semantically in a bid to make them reachable by even more people.


These articles become part of Voofie’s knowledgebase and the concept tags take after the denominations that are used in Wikipedia, so that you posts will be defined in an unambiguous sense.

The Impact Factor itself involves the adjudication of a score that measures both your achievements and your reputation, and anybody can tell how trustworthy the posts that you have submitted are based on that score alone. And the “high impact” concept implies that if you are indeed an expert in any given field then your opinions will have more weight than the one of a person who is new to it all. Having a high impact score will translate in the fact that both your posts and your comments will stand out from the rest, and you will be more easily reachable by prospective clients. In Their Own Words

“Your Expertise Makes Global Impact – Build reputation through your high quality work.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A platform like this one truly makes for recognizing a person’s competency in his field of expertise.

Some Questions About

How is the Impact Factor exactly calculated, IE which variables are weighed up and how?

Author : Roger Hollings

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