Voices.com – #1 Voice Marketplace

Voices.comVoices is the place for voice over talent and those needing voice over talent to connect. There are over 50,000 vocal talents available to serve the clients.

Clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. It´s a simple process, where the client posts a job stating what their qualifications are. Qualified talent receive an email when a post is made that they´re qualified for. Clients can listen to demos from the various possible voice-over candidates or have candidates audition to choose the person who best fits the bill. Once a client and talent have been matched, the talent goes into the studio to record the material and then sends the work to the client. Everything is paid for easily online. You can do all of this with a guest account, but by paying for the more premium memberships, you receive unlimited job postings, online storage for all of your MP3 demos, and priority ranking in the search engine results. So if you are a voice-over talent, this is the site for you to find your next job.

Voices.com In Their Own Words

“Voices.com is the leading online marketplace connecting clients with voice-over talents and voice actors.

Why Voices.com It Might Be A Killer

They have already worked successfully with big named clients and have a large base of talent for clients to choose from. If this is your living, they would definitely pay a fee to get the listings they need to work for these high end clients that might be hard to find otherwise.

Some Questions About Voices.com

How are they publicizing themselves to continue to increase the number of people they have signing up for accounts? Voices.com