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Vogogo.comVogogo enables anybody who has a website and something to sell to add a perfectly-tailored payment system to it. This Canadian company offers several electronic payment options, in one easy-to-use service that just anybody could benefit from. Vogogo comes with specific tools for the handling of one-time and recurring payments, as well as peer-to-peer transfers. Plus, rents can be collected in a way that is immensely convenient both for tenants and landlords.


Vogogo is really easy to setup, and once it has been deployed users can begin making credit card, direct deposit and online bill payments.

And the usefulness of Vogogo is increased to no end by the way the service itself is billed. You see, Vogogo is a transactional platform. There are no monthly fees to be paid for using it. You will be charged based on the actual transactions that you conduct. And if for any reason or the other you wish to stop using the service, you will be able to do it on the spot. There are no longer term commitments or contracts of any kind to speak of if you decide to use this electronic payment service.

Currently, Vogogo is available only in Canada. But as soon as the service moves out of beta, people in the US will be able to start using it too. In Their Own Words

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Which changes will be implemented when the service moves out of beta? When is that estimated to happen?

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