VMPower – The Easy, Smart Way To Save On Your Cloud Bill

Ready to reduce your cloud bill?


Then switch to paying for what you use instead of paying for virtual machines when they’re not running. You wouldn’t pay slacker employees, would you? Well, you shouldn’t have to pay for idle virtual machines, either.


VMPower is a “cloud savings platform for everyone to cut their cloud compute cost by optimizing virtual machines using a data-driven approach.” VMPower does the hard work of figuring out how to save your business money.




Supporting the largest cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (with others to be added soon), VMPower detects virtual machines that haven’t been in frequent use and sends notifications to teams via Slack or email, making them aware of unused virtual machines.


Each business operates differently. One company may require some machines to run constantly, another may rely on a cluster of activity during certain times. VMPower makes it possible for companies to run virtual machines only when needed by scheduling them to tun on and off. The business continues operating exactly as it needs to, but can stop paying for machines not in use during off hours.


Trying to find what virtual machines are used when and what subscription they are tied into could be a real headache. This is just one good reason we haven’t heard more outcry about overpayments. VMPower gathers the necessary data – including identifying underused instances – to recommend the correct sizes of your virtual machines. They can even resize VMs for you.




VMPower constantly monitors your application load and informs you of the fit that will maximize performance and minimize costs. No need to shop around for alternatives since VMPower automatically looks up pay as you go pricing for your platform. And who doesn’t like to see how much money they’re saving? VMPower shows you how much you’re saving on your cloud bill each month by shutting down or allocating/deallocating VMs.


Offering a freemium model of payment, customers choose a plan that corresponds to the size of their deployment. VMPower is free to use for managing up to 10 VMs. Learn more about how VMPower can trim your cloud bill at vmpower.io.


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