Vloud.com – Making Everything Sound Better

Vloud.comVloud is a new online tool that has a very specific appeal, yet it will no doubt be a welcome addition to the bookmark collection of many of us.

Broadly speaking, what this web-hosted tool does is to let you upload a MP3 file and have it automatically processed in order to bring up its volume.

The uploaded files can amount to as much as 10 MB, and WAV files are supported alongside MP3s.

Granted, this tool won’t appeal to everybody, but both casual and hardened music fans can put it to good use. I recall I once had got my hands on a very rare Oasis b-sides compilation, and since it was not an official album the volume kept on going up and down. A tool such as this one would have made my day way back then, and I bet there are many music lovers who can tell a similar story.

Likewise, I tried it with some home recordings from a band I was in when I was younger and it did make a little difference, but the original recordings were too ropey to begin with and you would have needed a miracle to make things right. At any rate, Vloud is an interesting (and free) tool, and I look forwards to any development that this project might have.

Vloud.com In Their Own Words

“It just makes everything sound better.”

Why Vloud.com It Might Be A Killer

Music lovers are certain to put it to good use straightaway.

Some Questions About Vloud.com

How configurable is it? What options do you already have? Vloud.com