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Vlotech.comState bar associations across the country have published articles about the need for attorneys to offer unbundled legal services in order to offer more affordable and accessible legal services to the public. For those not familiar with the term, unbundled legal services refer to providing legal documents or advice to clients but leaving the filling and execution of the document to the client.

Virtual Law Office is a portal that allows attorneys to provide these services and thereby increase their online business while at the same time offering a more affordable legal experience to clients. The software can be used as a stand alone platform for all law office needs or it can be easily integrated with existing infrastructure. In Their Own Words

“Virtual Law Office Technology, LLC (VLOTech) was founded with the purpose of providing a secure, software as a service, web-based product that connects solo and small firm law practices with the online consumer. The goal of the software is to provide a complimentary method for the solo and small firm practitioner to compete by expanding their client base to tap into the online consumer and the need for unbundled, online legal services.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Law offices across the US will enjoy the ease of use but most importantly, the fact that they will be able to grow their business in the online world. This software will allow small law firms to compete with behemoths.

Some Questions About

Will law firms take the time to adapt to this new software or will they continue to do business as usual. While offering unbundled services to clients could increase overall business, it could also lead to a radical change in the legal process and a loss in income to the firms who would lose out on the value added services they provide if all clients began doing the “grunt work” themselves.

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