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vlingomobile.comIf you haven’t mastered the art of multitasking, check out vlingo. A new service from the mobile company by the same name, vlingo eliminates the need for the “walk and text” by converting all of your speech into text data that both your mobile device and associated wireless applications can recognize and respond to.


You can send text messages, get directions, run searches, and even order a pizza, just by talking to your phone. The technology behind vlingo accomplishes all of this by using a single voice interface that works with any mobile application. The voice-recognition component of vlingo can understand not only millions of words, but also knows which words you are likely to say when you are accessing a particular phone feature or application. The site offers a lengthy technical (yet easy to understand) explanation of just how exactly this works; check it out under the “Technology” section of vlingo’s site. Installation is simple and free: just select your carrier from the extensive list, and download. In Their Own Words

“At vlingo we unlock access to wireless data services. We provide wireless carriers and wireless application providers a voice interface to their applications. With vlingo, instead of triple-tapping on a small keyboard, users can now simply speak to their mobile phones to enter search terms, addresses or any other text.
Using innovative speech recognition technology, vlingo delivers a single voice interface that can work with any mobile application without training or other constraints. With vlingo access to your mobile internet applications is no longer held hostage by twelve tiny keys”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

In today’s hectic world, an application like vlingo is a complete necessity. If the voice-recognition software is as good as the company claims, then vlingo should free up the hands of millions of cell phone users.

Some Questions About

Does vlingo operate in other languages besides English? How exactly does the voice-recognition software “adapt” to each user, as the company claims?

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