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VJMovement.comThe Video Journalism Movement is an initiative that aims to promote such a form of media coverage of events the world over. So far, about 120 journalists that come from over 65 countries are part of this movement and provide their insight on a regular basis.


The five continents are already covered, and the ones that are represented the best are North America and the Western zone of Europe.

The aim of the site is not just letting people tell their own stories, but actually letting that same people have their stories produced by professional journalists.

If you pay it a visit, you will be immediately presented with the latest stories and “truths” to use the expression which is employed on the site. These can be searched by theme, and you can also look up cartoons only. Some of the featured themes include “Environment”, “Conflict” and “People on the Move”. Of course, you can likewise execute searches both by author and by country, so that if you have any favorite journalist you will be capable of following him or her in a direct way. In Their Own Words

“Video Journalism Movement: Exploring the world one truth at a time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those looking for a different source of news will no doubt find it fulfilling.

Some Questions About

What does it take to join the movement?

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