KillerStartups – Making Webinars Turn Alive

ViVu.tvAs practical as webinars are, they have many times been accused of lacking the flexibility of true human contact in which both sides are free to interact and question each other at will, and then follow up on these very same questions. ViVu is a startup that has come to the market to try and address that major shortcoming.

We could describe it by saying it is a participative platform that lets the one attending a video conference become a pivotal part of the event. This is accomplished by buying, downloading and installing the corresponding software application. This application is available both to people who run Windows and Mac OS. Users of Linux are accounted for, too.

The uses a platform like this one has are endless, but there are a couple that spring to mind within seconds. Training new salespeople over long distances is the one that came first to me, and I am sure each person will come up with a spot-on use or two. And in the event they can’t, just paying the section of the site entitled “Solutions” a visit will let anybody figure out in which ways this live video platform can be maximized at once. In Their Own Words

“Founded by startup veterans from Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent and a team of IIT graduates, ViVu develops first-of-its-kind Participative Event Platform that enables live video participation from a PC, Mac or Linux without any proprietary downloads and seamlessly integrates with most of the popular streaming video and conference solutions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It turns webinars into fully-interactive entities, and the uses these have are thus broadened exponentially.

Some Questions About

What infrastructure must you have to make the best out of something like this?

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