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Vivox.comVivox is a purveyor of voice chat services for digital spaces. This encompasses not just multiplayer games and virtual worlds but also social networks.


That is, any kind of online community in which people gets to socialize could have such a functionality installed and exploited.

The main benefit that adding something like this has is a key one in anybody’s book: increasing the immersion of users by giving them a more absorbing and enriching experience.

This service can be implemented in a very easy way, too, since Vivox takes care of the technicalities (like voice recognition) and day-to-day operations while you simply think of the ways and contexts the service itself could suit what you already do.

When all is said and done, this service brings one of the essential elements in human communication right into the World Wide Web. From a commercial point of view, such a service opens the doors to a more encompassing user experience. That in turn would lead to bigger monetization possibilities. In fact, targeted CPM campaigns can be implemented through the site, so that if you need some ideas or guidance on how to best maximize this technology you won’t be left alone to your own devices. In Their Own Words

“We bring embedded voice chat services to digital worlds. If you develop online communities that thrive on socialization – multiplayer online games, virtual worlds or social networks — then we are here to give your community a voice and enrich your user experiences. Team with us to deliver the essential communications element: voice. Then, prepare yourself to yield the benefits of user immersion, live connections, satisfaction and trust.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Implementing a voice functionality into any digital world is a sure way of bolstering the degree of involvement of users. After all, you are bringing about the most basic form of human interaction into the picture.

Some Questions About

Are there companies providing related services? How do they compare to this one? Which one will prevail?

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