– A New Take On Video Monitoring

VitamindINC.comVitamin D stands as a new solution that will let anybody implement a video monitoring service that detects both people and moving objects, and does so from any existing PC of Mac that has a webcam. That is, there is no need to purchase hardware of equipment of any kind.

All that it takes is a desktop and either USB webcams or network cameras.

Once launched, the system delivers alerts in real-time whenever it detects any activity in the range that you have instructed it to keep a close watch on. Furthermore, you are provided with a highlight reel that will summarize the main events of the day for you. Security videos are not really renowned for being packed with events from front to back, after all. That makes such a feature all the more appealing. And the inclusion of a function for making the recording jump straight to these segments where people have been captured on screen is even better, and it makes checking out whatever happened all through the preceding day in a matter of a mere minutes. It sure beats sitting down and staring for hours on end at a screen where little to nothing happens. In Their Own Words

“Introducing Vitamin D Video. Our easy-to-use software brings professional-grade video monitoring to anyone with a webcam or network camera. Know exactly what you’ve missed without scanning hours of video.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is convenient if only because it brings the flexibility of professional software and hardware into the hands of practically anybody.

Some Questions About

How is this carried out from a technical point of view?