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VisuWords.comVisuWords is an online dictionary very unlike any of the others. When you first log onto it, it seems like the home page of a science ficton novelist, there is a nucleus that starts spawning other nodes with labels on them.


The amazing thing is, is that when you use this dictionary, it is not necessarily to understand the meaning of the word you look up, it is to understand all of the other words the derive from that word. So if you go to the site and type in car, the nucleus (if you will) will be car, and everything coming out from the word car will be shown: cable car, patrol car, gondola, airbag, floorboard etc, and if you place your mouse above the word it will give you the definition of each. In Their Own Words

“Visuwordsâ„¢ online graphical dictionary — Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Produce diagrams reminiscent of a neural net. Learn how words associate.

Enter words into the search box to look them up or double-click a node to expand the tree. Click and drag the background to pan around and use the mouse wheel to zoom. Hover over nodes to see the definition and click and drag individual nodes to move them around to help clarify connections.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This can be an excellent resource for people that are just learning a language to understand the relationships between words. This can also be great for anyone doing any writing, because it can be used somewhat like a thesaurus as well.

Some Questions About

The site is actually quite simple to use, but perhaps some people may get scared away at a first glance because it looks as if it will be very difficult to figure out how to use.

Author : Irene Davids

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