– Analyze Your Ad Earnings

VisualAdSense.comYou’re familiar with Google’s AdSense, the amazing Google profit machine that matches ads to your site’s content. You earn money with each click and Google earns even more.

The technology has been groundbreaking. AdSense essentially trawls your site to find ads that would match your site. So, if you’ve got a fashion blog, AdSense may post a Louis Vouitton bag ad or an ad for Neiman Marcus or some such fashion related item. You can choose from text ads or image ads. Now there’s a new tool to add to your AdSense arsenal. It’s called Visual AdSense and helps you analize your earnings. It allows you to create graphs to give you a visual impression of clicks, eCPM, and earnings. Graphs can be created with different date ranges and channels. See your earnings an visually. It’s free. In Their Own Words

“Google Adsense gives you reports of your earnings, although it’s warned that data tables are tedious to visual analyzing when there’s different channels.

VisualAdsense allows you to create graphs with different date range and channels, so you can analize visually your impressions, clicks, eCPM and earnings, choosing what to see.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Visual AdSense is a nice tool that’s quick and easy to use. It provides a visual way to see your earnings and analyze them.

Some Questions About

What’s the business model? Will users want to use something not affiliated with Google or AdSense to screen their earnings? Why not build in something that analyses for you?