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Vistrac.comHaving a website is not an easy task. Things move faster than fast on the internet and you want to be in control of the situation to maximize your site’s performance.

However, not all websites’ owners have access to a solution that gives them the information they need in order to know their visitors’ behavior. What if I told you that there is an interesting site that has developed a system that gives you that service and much more? I bet you would agree with me that that is great. is the name of a website that provides you with the chance to lean more about your site’s visitors clicking habits by creating maps of the places where users are more prone to click when visiting your site. In this way you will have real information about the most attractive parts of you site as well as the different interests of your visitors in relation to what you have to offer.

If there is any particular place where your visitors are spending more time, this site has the right service for you to get information about it. This service will be particularly interesting to people that want to improve the way their sites work and the way their visitors feel when they navigate through it. This could be the time for you to understand what is what your visitors find really precious or worthless. In Their Own Words

“See your visitors clicking habits. vistrac creates heatmaps of where your users are clicking on each tracked page. Now it’s easier than ever to find out if anyone is actually clicking that “Buy Now” button, or if they’re really all flocking to the “Help!” link.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it will be used by webmasters in order to improve their sites’ performance by learning about their visitors’ behavior.

Some Questions About

Is there any additional service coming soon? Do the users have to interpret their data? Are they being helped by the system in order to do this?

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