– Automatic Photo Tagging

VisRApp.comVisR is a new mobile application that makes finding these pictures one keeps in his mobile a lot easier. Available for Android (iPhone version coming soon), VisR takes care of automatically cataloging all the images that one takes using his smartphone, right as they are taken. The application does that by looking at variables such as the time any picture has been taken, and the location the user was at when that happened. Persons are tagged using an advanced face recognition system, and users can apply lots of event filters, effectively pointing searches in the right direction in no time at all.

And in addition to enabling people to find photos really quick, VisR makes for having them posted to sites like Facebook and Twitter even faster. It’s all done in three or four taps.

If you have an Android, you can download your very own copy of VisR by following this link. iPhone owners will have to wait a little longer yet, but when the day comes they’ll be able to get VisR for free, just like Android users can get it now. In Their Own Words

VisR helps you spontaneously capture, share, organize, and reflect on moments effortlessly. Seize the moments and relive with friends and family. Never again spend countless tedious hours searching for and organizing pictures on your phone.

Some Questions About

Will the iPhone version of the app come with exactly the same set of features?