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VisitorsCafe.comIf you can manage to give those who visit your site the chance to develop bonds not only with your content but also among themselves, then you are primed for success. If you have a site devoted to a band, just imagine how positive it can be to let visitors talk to each other with a minimum of fuss, and get to know each other better. And the same applies to just any kind of site – the ones devoted to soccer stars, the ones built for Hollywood actresses… people will jump at the chance of talking with like-minded individuals directly.

And that is exactly what Visitors Cafe will enable any webmaster to do. It will let him add chat functionalities to his site, and intelligent chat functionalities at that.

Once it has been installed, Visitors Cafe can match visitors based on their actual profiles. This means that those who support a specific band because they love the drummer will be able to talk to people who also love that member, and not the singer or the bassist.

Besides, the implementation of Visitors Cafe is as simple as it can be. You only have to cut and paste the provided string of code for the system to become operational. In Their Own Words

Smart video chat for your site.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives webmasters a way to entice visitors to spend even longer on their sites, and earn more in turn.

Some Questions About

Is this really available for sites of every kind?