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VisitMyStreet.tvVisit My Street TV is a new video platform that lets locals show the world at large the streets of the cities they live in. The main objective of this site is to let people who are thinking about travelling anywhere have an accurate perception of these places that they are going to visit, and know exactly which spots merit a closer look.


All the featured videos are findable not only by location, but also by user and by group. That is, people who live in the same cities can create groups and cover the streets where they live in that way. In practice, this means that any visitor will be getting a city tour by people who share a similar approach and point of view. And just like YouTube, channels can be created in order to put everything into an even-clearer context.

From YouTube, the site has also borrowed the option to see the most discussed and the best rated videos. Visitors will be grateful for that, obviously. But so will be uploaders that want to learn more skills and strategies for being better (and more engaging) guides. In Their Own Words

VisitMyStreet.TV is a place where people can showcase the streets and cities that they live in – with the aim of showing a potential visitor what they could expect to see when they visit.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really warm way to know more about these places that you are thinking about visiting.

Some Questions About

Leaving aside the great feeling that comes from helping others, what do guides get out of this?

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