KillerStartups – Passages From The Good Book is a site where you can read emails about the bible that are sent between CJ and the narrator of the site.

The site covers passages from the bible and the emails skip back and forth from the old and new testament. You have the option of reading the emails or listening to them. The emails are posted in bold text and many terms are highlighted and you can click on them to be directed to their definition at Wikipedia. You can also search for passages by book, such as genesis, exodus, etc… There are tags which can also aide you in your search for material in the bible. The site is well organized and easy to use so if you are interested in learning more about the bible take a look. In Their Own Words

“One of my passions is the Bible. It is an exciting and vibrant book for anyone regardless of his or her faith (or lack thereof). As a Christian, I believe God inspired the authors of the Bible so that it would speak to all generations, including those of us alive today.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has a very attractive interface. The black background with the stain glass heading is beautiful. The site is easy to navigate and easy to follow. The audio option is nice because users can choose to listen to passages while doing something else or relaxing. It is also a nice option that people can sign up for the newsletter. The Wikipedia links are also useful for terms that may be confusing for some. is an easy way to learn more about the bible.

Some Questions About

It would be a cool feature if Vision Caster featured the bible in Latin as well as English. It would also be cool of people could add comments after a passage, or of there was a forum or if study groups could be made to discuss the passages.

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