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VirtualLatte.comVirtual Latte is a professional network for meeting new people in your same career field. On this site, you can get in touch with local professionals and have a “virtual cup of coffee” together. The idea is to let you build a wider network of contacts, and become a much better professional thanks to the stories that these colleagues with more experience exchange with you. And you can do the same for others, of course. If you’ve been in the industry for years and you feel your time for helping others has come, then this site makes that really easy.


Registration to Virtual Latte is fast and easy, and you are given the chance to choose from any of three different accounts: “Individual”, “Employer Guest” and “Service Provider”. In all cases, registration to the site is completely free.

And a novel touch is that members are valued and given free company stock for joining and referring their own friends. Every referral you bring gives you points that can eventually be exchanged for company stock. In Their Own Words

Virtual Latte is a professional network where you can meet people in every career field you can think of – right in your hometown.

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How many users has the site already got? Which industries are more represented?

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