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VirtualHeaven.comLosses are part of life. Each person copes with the situation as he or she sees fit, and recently online memorials have begun becoming more and more popular.


One such resource that has recently surfaced is In the most general terms available, it is a sort of space for honoring the ones that are not longer with us in the world.

The memorials that can be created through the site are able to accommodate files of every type, as users can share pictures and audio along with thoughts and memories of their loved ones. And the emphasis of Virtual Heaven is on celebrating life instead of just mourning for the departure. This is accomplished via colorful layouts and designs, truly presenting online memorials in a positive light.

As they say online, sharing memories is a powerful healing process to many. If you think such an approach would work for you, just pay the site a visit. And if you are unsure, checking it out in order to find that out is not a bad idea either. In Their Own Words

“Virtual Heaven is a community where those whom we have lost remain amongst us. They live on through our memories, stories and pictures. Along with you, we want to create a place where our loved ones, our friends, will be with us forever. Together lets remember their history, their dreams and that, which they loved. Virtual Heaven is a place where we may share pictures, videos, and even share their favorite songs with our family and friends. Lets be sure to create the most complete memories, and those who have gone away will always be remembered. Head stones at their final resting places don’t tell the full story. Names, dates of birth and death, is that all that is left?

Virtual Heaven is a place dedicated to all, both young and old. Everyone deserves for their story to be told and remembered. Every story is unique in its own way, and worth sharing. This way we learn not only about the person that the story is about but also about life that surrounds us”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a respectful and positive way of bidding farewell to those that touch us through our lives.

Some Questions About

What are the storage limitations that apply (if any)?

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