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VirtualDoubloon.comDoubloon is a new platform for the selling and the buying of virtual goods – something that is on everybody’s lips right now. The release of Zynga’s latest title (Fronter Ville) and its meteoric success did nothing but remind us all of how far social gaming has come, and how far it is yet to go.


The objective of Virtual Doubloon (a site that is named after the Spanish currency of yore) is to provide publishers with a platform that makes for optimal pricing. It intends to position itself as the platform that can understand the fluctuations that are inherent to competitive pricing, and let publishers master aspects such as when to introduce a new item at the time the user would feel tempted to upgrade.

Doubloon empowers publishers to set down both individual and cumulative thresholds and pass-through percentages in order to determine the criteria that will trigger a change in the prices charged to gamers. Also, it aims to motivate sales of player-crafted items from one gamer to the other by letting the publisher set suitable material costs.

As a platform, Doubloon can be used at no cost and it easily integrate with your own gaming universe since it uses Flash, Unity and iPhone/Cocoa libraries. All it takes to get started is creating an account. In Their Own Words

“Doubloon’s platform enables virtual economy creators to sell and trade virtual goods at optimal prices for the publisher.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Platforms for social monetization are in high demand right now.

Some Questions About

How successful can this platform truly become? Why/why not?

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