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ViralImpressions.comBig money can be made on Facebook if you know how to promote your products there. But that is no easy task. Unless you are using a service like Viral Impressions, that is – a service which (to all intents and purposes) can be defined as a social media campaign builder.

Viral Impressions actually offers not one but several apps for taking care of such a task. If you want to build a campaign on Facebook, you will use one. If you want to do it on Twitter, you are going to use another one. If you are interested in creating a sweepstake, you are going to go for a different mechanism from the one you would pick to create a giveaway.

But in each and every case, the results will be the same: you will be able to build a campaign that will be encouraging and attractive-enough so as to have people recommend it to all their friends on the Social Web. Product introduction and upselling seldom gets any easier. In Their Own Words

Social marketing tools to build promotions and campaigns on Facebook and Twitter.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is the right service for all those who know Facebook can be used to reach out to a really large public, but who are unsure how to proceed best.

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How much do these services retail for?