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VIP Pass: Privileges And Perks That Never Disappoint

Just ask anyone who works in the hospitality industry what a huge difference a little extra attention – a splash of special treatment – can make. Guests spirits lift. Everything becomes easier, more pleasurable. Life just gets better.


VIP Pass is an exclusive membership club designed to give cardholders a more savory slice of the good life no matter what they’re doing or where they go.


“Having a VIP Pass is almost like being a celebrity without the paparazzi following you around.” With a carefully selected and growing list of partners, members enjoy pampering and exclusive opportunities that will make the rest of the crowd envious.



VIP PASS landing



Forget about waiting in line at the hottest clubs or paying a cover charge – VIP Pass lets you walk right through the door. The best tables at trendy restaurants? They’re empty, waiting for you to show up. VIP Pass members enjoy privileged seating at venues as well as white-glove service once they’ve arrived.


VIP Pass membership entails exclusive offers on products and services, and exclusive invites to events. A mobile app (currently available for download in the App Store) lets members search VIP locations and browse blue-ribbon items and activities. Invite only, individuals must be asked to join by family or friends who are already members.


The company has its sights set on becoming India’s premier exclusive membership club. With a population somewhere around 1.2 billion, on pace to surpass China as the most populous nation on Earth, it’s not hard to grasp the value of being able to skip to the front of the line in India. VIP Pass caters to those in search of stand-out privileges and luxury – experiences unlike anything else offered in the country.






Partnering with VIP Pass gives businesses the chance to set themselves apart from the crowd as well. Creating exclusive offers and services is a way to “reach new high-end customers who want the best and don’t mind paying for it.” A surefire way to elevate your brand is to build a reputation for delivering the best when only the best will do.


Exquisite goods and services, amazing deals such as free nights at swanky hotels, top-notch treatment, concierge assistance – ah, to go around town as if in Beyonce’s and Jay Z’s shoes…


If you’re looking for a higher level of entertainment and service in India or you’re interested in adding your business to the partner network, learn more at


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