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Vinquire.comWine lovers may soon be raising their glasses to, a one-stop destination for wine information, pricing, and reviews.


Vinquire features a powerful, free search engine and a database of over 570,000 wines. Specify as many or as few criteria as you’d like and search for wines by name, vintage, retailer, price range, type, and/or size. Vinquire will return a list of wines that match your criteria, with prices and links to retailers for each. If you create a Vinquire account, you can save preferences such as your favorite retailers. There is also a separate “Find Retailers” search function, to help you locate wine retailers in your area.

Registered Vinquire members can review any wine in the database, thereby contributing their voice to the “Top Ranked Wines” list. All wines are ranked on a 100-point scale. Members can customize their Top Ranked Wines list to only show wines that fit specific criteria, such as price range, type, or certain retailers. Finally, Vinquire members can participate in discussions of specific wines, vineyards, or other wine-related topics in the Forums section. Non-registered users can still view the Forums, Top-Ranked Wines, and User Reviews, as well as access the search engine. In Their Own Words

“Vinquire’s search engine is powerful, free, and always displays every search result regardless of site sponsors. We constantly scan thousands of retailers to find our users the best deals and most sought-after wines… Vinquire is the first wine site that merges both a powerful wine pricing search engine with community-centric features. This enables Vinquire to not only deliver recommendations based on user-reviewed wines, but also help users find those bottles at the best prices.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The extensive wine database and powerful search engine are Vinquire’s greatest strengths and should certainly bring in plenty of web traffic. By also incorporating member reviews and discussion forums, the site may be able to get users involved and personally invested in the site, therefore liable to return frequently.

Some Questions About

How will Vinquire set itself apart from the many other web sites devoted to wine lovers? Is this market already too saturated?

Author : Charly Zaks

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