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Vinehub.comAt its core, Vinehub is a site that aggregates all your social activity – IE, Twitter and Facebook. That is all the social activity a whooping amount of people ever gets involved with.


Such a service is nothing radically new in itself. Services like FriendFeed have done that for some time now, and if that was all that Vinehubcould do then its redundancy quota would be quite high. Thankfully, there is more to it than that. You see, Vinehub not only gathers together your social activity in the same place – it actually lets you reply to it by tweeting and posting updates.

Granted, the service is a bit buggy yet, but the basic premise is interesting. And the addition of more social services like MySpace to the list of supported ones can but give it a further edge. So will the addition of capabilities for viewing and sharing photographs, editing your already-existing contacts, and editing your profile. These have already been announced. And I didn’t mention it at the beginning, but Google Buzz is already supported.

Finally, it must be stressed that while Vinehub is set to remain a free application, a paid incarnation will also be available. This will let you manage up to five accounts at the same time, in the vein of clients like HootSuite or CoTweet. This paid version will also run without ads. In Their Own Words

“As the popularity of social media grows, the harder it becomes to manage! Vinehub is a new application being developed to connect all of your accounts on major social networks including Facebook, Google Buzz and Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ability to listen to what is said in your networks and talk back at the same time is quite invaluable in itself.

Some Questions About

How much is the paid version going to cost?

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