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Vimeo.comYou could think of Vimeo as Youtube´s stylish younger cousin. This video aggregator slash social networking site has a crisp, pristine design which is rather picture perfect if you compare it with similar sites.

The Vimeo community has a close-knit, college dorm room vibe which is do in part to Vimeo´s ethos of submitting home made videos, as opposed to simply uploading TV shows, or movies, or clips from Comedy Central. Vimeo encourages members to team up and make videos together; members are allowed to upload up to 250mb of video each week, for free. It´s also set in place privacy features, so you can decide who sees your videos. Members can actually request and suggest video ideas to other Vimeo users, simply by clicking on their profile page. Videos are rated my being ‘liked,´ and members can submit comments. In Their Own Words

“Vimeo is a free and easy service for sharing your videos with friends and family or people you meet here. Join Vimeo now and share your first video today.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Vimeo is stylish; it´s got a closer community feel and the videos are well made, despite being DIY.

Some Questions About

With all the video aggregator sites out there, how will Vimeo compete? Will users find it lacking, because it doesn´t have Stephen Colbert clips and Lost episode fragments?