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Viigo.comTake your favorite blogs, news, sports, entertainment, and markets along anywhere you go with Viigo. Viigo is a free a RSS reader for your cellphone.

Taking advantage of smartphone technologies, Viigo allows you access to all the latest happenings at the touch of a button. The goal of Viigo? Enhancing your personal experience. It offers over 2,500 different channels and three lifestyle products to fit your needs and wants.Viigo Personal lets you in on what’s going on in your neighborhood with local events and weather. You can even track that gift you sent to grandma. For more advanced users, Viigo offers Publisher which allows you to mobilize and monetize your online content, guaranteeing a satisfied customer. For you entrepreneurs, Viigo offers Enterprise, a product that helps you connect directly with your company, ensuring that your workforce is informed and ready to go. The best part? Viigo Personal is completely free of charge. Simply register your account and load all of your Viigo subscriptions to your mobile device. In Their Own Words

“Viigo™ is a way to access content and services on your mobile device that’s better than anything you’ve ever experienced.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With the advent of the Blackberry and now the Iphone, customers want the internet within easy reach. And what could be easier than the cellphone. Viigo takes advantage of this need and provides users with an easy and enriching experience that goes beyond mere RSS feeds. Instead, it offers users the ability to publish content, manage their work, and keep in touch with what’s happening here and now.

Some Questions About

The competition for mobile device content is growing and fierce. Viigo may have a slick website, but will that translate to success? Will customers want more from the free services offered by Viigo Personal? Or will they be happy to pay for Viigo Enterprise and Publisher?