– Online Project and Event Management Tool

Viewpath.comViewpath is a project and event management tool that allows users to totally take control of their schedules. Users coordinate all of their obligations and projects online through this web-based system.

This system is completely integrated, and offers several unique features and functions, such as drag-and-drop calendar s and timelines, dependency linking of activities, time zone localization, and multi-project viewing. It is a customizable system, as users may define their own dashboards to support their specific needs. A quick tour on the website illustrates how simple the system is. In Their Own Words

“Viewpath makes it easier than ever to manage projects and events in one place. Our unique online feature-set helps busy individuals focus on the right job, at the right time. What’s more, learning the basics is a snap – in just minutes new users can start coordinating activities online – whether it’s a small meeting event or a multi-department project that spans numerous time zones. The flexibility of Viewpath’s on-demand features makes it easy to organize and track a wide range of collaborative activities among multiple workgroups.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Viewpath is a useful tool that users currently not employing a project management tool will find interesting. There are numerous features that the system offers that other systems may not. Because these functions are what set Viewpath apart from the numerous other project management tools, they should be enhanced and focused on.

Some Questions About

How can Viewpath be synched with project management devices that users currently use? How can users further customize their own Viewpath system? How can the “guest” users from allowed to access the registered users’ accounts for free be incentivized to purchase their own account?