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Uncategorized wants to put you into control of the programs you watch.

Become a social user on and create your own custom profile, join and create interest groups, download and view channels, participate in live chat or discuss with others in forums. You can also submit your own channel, meaning those looking to produce their own broadcasts and independent studios could get the coverage they desire. Save your favs to your profile and add your channel feed to your blog, share, invite, and have fun! In Their Own Words

“Our aim is to revolutionise the broadcast and distribution of free Internet TV. We fundamentally believe that you should have access to global television for free, wherever and whenever!
Our target is to access a global audience to achieve increased channel, product and brand exposure. We are focused on collaboration and work to empower clients, agencies, publishers and advertisers to work together to achieve continuous product innovation.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has received a lot of attention internationally, they were recently interviewed and reviewed by a major Arab broadcasting station, Al Jazeera, and were invited by the BBC to talk about the future of internet television. Here in the US, it’s hard to pull out which .tv startups are going to pull in a wide fan base and generate buzz, but definitely has the buzz factor working abroad and we’ll see how they’re received here in the homeland.

Some Questions About

How will they be able to compete with other .tv startups who have been in existence for a much longer span of time? What does have that their competitors are not addressing?