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ViewAt.orgViewing the world in panoramic photos is what this site is all about. People can submit their own pictures, and others can proceed to rate them.


The ones that amass the best scores are then spotlighted on the main page for people to see and try to emulate.

The panoramic photos that are included can be browsed by category. There are many to choose from, and some include “Historical Places”, “Archaeological Spaces” and “Natural Wonders”

Besides, a Google Map is prominently featured, and anybody can use it in order to learn what any place on the world looks like. He can also use it to see what panoramic pictures have been taken of the place he lives in, and in the event none are featured uploading one is not difficult at all.

When uploading anything you are also given the chance to add a short description. In that way, you can explain what it was that you wanted to convey when taking your picture, and you can likewise use that space in order to illuminate people about the place that you have photographed if it is not really a well-known location. In Their Own Words

“The world in panoramic.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It gives anybody a ready chance to see places he wouldn’t get to see otherwise in so much detail.

Some Questions About

Which countries have been photographed the most?

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