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VidSnip.comUploading long videos to YouTube has always been possible, provided you had the time and the patience to split them up in as many parts as it was needed and then upload each one of these parts individually.


It turns out that such a lengthy process has now become a thing of the past.

This application is what has made the difference. VidSnip is a web-based tool that will let you have any video that is longer than 15 minutes automatically broken down in as many segments as you need, and uploaded to YouTube. All you have to do is upload the video to VidSnip’s server for it to be processed.

And VidSnip will also take care of creating a playlist with all the separate segments for people to know what to watch, and in which order. They will enjoy the clip in the exact way that you intended.

VidSnip works on a credit system. As you can imagine, the longer the video then the more credits that it will cost you to have it converted. In any case, you can start a free trial and have a first-hand sample of the way the website works all by yourself. In Their Own Words

“Finally, upload videos of any length to YouTube.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It puts an end to having to chop long videos manually in order to upload them to YouTube, and then having to create a playlist connecting all of them together.

Some Questions About

How many credits can you buy at once if you want?

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