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VidPay.comThis is a new video ad platform that intends to let anybody reach the right audience in a way that is not only cost-effective but also straightforward. The company behind this initiative has partnered with Metacafe, and in order to use this platform that is where you have to upload your videos to.


Once your video is hosted there, you must create a campaign and set a budget from the VidPay website. You must also select your target audience and supply the keywords that you consider reflect your aims and objectives best in order to finish setting up your campaign.

This Pay per Click platform effectively shortens the distance that separates video advertisers and sites that publish videos by giving these two parties a common point of reference to head forth from. Advertisers can promote their videos and reach an instant (and well-suited) target audience, and sites that host videos are provided an additional source of income to subsidize their operations.

All in all, a practical way to go viral and spice up interest in any product you might have to offer. Check it out at the provided address and see where it stands for you. In Their Own Words

“VidPay is a Pay per Click (PPC) advertising platform that brings together video advertisers and video publishing websites. Advertisers can easily and instantly promote vidoes in all of VidPay’s partner websites. Promoted videos are exposed to target audiences defined by the advertiser, and resulting clicks are charged to their account.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an interesting way to reach out for the right public, and one that does not entail incurring into great expenses at that.

Some Questions About

When will this platform be expanded and support other video hosting services besides Metacafe?

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