– Video Layer for Web Browsers

VideoVistas.comVideo Vistas is the world’s first video layer for web browsers. This tool is free, and can be downloaded by any and all Internet Explorer and Forefox users.

This site guarantees that there is absolutely no spyware, no virus exposure, and no malware when users download the tool. What users get is the ability to watch their online videos directly from the browser head on the top of their screens, instead of taking up their entire screen. This allows for users to continue surfing, even while the video is playing. Furthermore, users can share directly to one another’s Video Vista browser head with the tool. In Their Own Words

“We’ve transformed the browser head into a work of art that delivers photos and video content. Our patent-pending browser extension brings online video content directly to the browser head and lets users share their own photos and videos directly into each other’s browser heads. All normal browser navigational aids and tools are functional, and unlike traditional media players and video websites, our extension doesn’t tie up your screen space while you watch video.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The sleek setup of the Video Vistas site, along with the captivating “Before and After” intro, will hook users from the beginning. This new way to watch and share video is convenient and innovative. However, some users may not be attracted to the changed set-up of the screen.

Some Questions About

How may potential users learn about this site? Can a communication tool among users be added? How be introduced to and adopt the Drift Mode feature?