– An Easy Way To Edit Videos

VideoToolbox.comThe Video Toolbox site stands as a new resource that brings into your hands the kind of options that people who had a computer during the ‘90s will always associate with professional studios. Of course, most of these functionalities are elemental now.

That is why they can be replicated by a tool that works on the browser. But that doesn’t make any single one of them any less effective.

Using the Video Toolbox you can work with videos amounting to as much as 300 MB, analyse them as in as much detail as you want, and also have them converted to all the file formats that are common currency nowadays. These include AVI., MOV,. FLV, MPA, MPEG… you know how the list continues.

Besides, operations like merging videos and extracting data such as music or subtitles from it are fully supported. You can also make video thumbnails, and any image that you crop can carry a watermark. In that way, you can rest assured your work is safe from unwarranted uses of any ilk.

And I am yet to say that this tool can be used absolutely for free. So, if you have a clip hanging about that you have always wanted to spruce up, this might as well be what you were waiting for. In Their Own Words

“Advanced online video editor.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is free, and it has enough functionalities to have most people coming back a second time.

Some Questions About

Will it always remain free to use?