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VideoSprout.comYouTube is great and one of the true landmarks in the history of the sharing of media over the Internet, but sometimes you don’t want your files to be that readily available. That is, you don’t want just anybody to be able to watch your clips, specially when they revolve around members of your family and events that are private by definition.


That is where a site like Video Sprout comes in.

This site will empower you to upload clips that can be watched only by those you have handpicked. That is, only the ones that you opt to send the link to (via email) will be capable of watching it.

All video types are supported, and upon clicking on the link that you have sent out your close friends or relatives (the kind of people you are going to use this service with the more often) will be capable of watching it online. They won’t have to download or install a thing – it is all streamed on the browser.

Upon registering (for free) you get 500 views per month and 100 MB of storage to go around. And it is important to point out that you can login using Facebook Connect, too. In Their Own Words

“VideoSprout lets you share videos, with whoever you want, privately! The only people who can see your video are the ones you send it to.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site will be perfect for parents that want to keep family moments to those who are truly close only.

Some Questions About

What if you want to have bigger storage?

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