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Videorix.comLike many entrepreneurs, Nadim Elgarhy sees profitability in the new online video market. True, monetization on blogs, podcasts, or serialized videos isn’t easy unless you’re a YouTube superstar, master blogger, or guru speaker.

If you don’t have the name, the more likely it is that you won’t be making bank off your creative outlet of choice. However, you can still try. And Nadim Elgarhy’s Videorix wants to help. The method is simple really. If you want some extra pocket change from your videos, sign up to Videorix and then get started looking for advertisers who want to pay for a little spot at the beginning of your videos. Once you find a willing advertiser, grab the sponsor’s ad image, put it in your video, and get it approved. Then you get paid. If you’re an advertiser, you’ll have the opportunity to promote your brand. You set the parameters: price, number of videos to sponsor, themes etc. Simply create an account, and make an initial deposit, then create your Opportunity. It’s win-win for advertisers and publishers. In Their Own Words

“Videorix is a unique and easy self-service marketplace connecting advertisers with publishers of online-videos. We provide advertisers with a network of publishers willing to get sponsors for their videos. We help publishers make money with their videos. It’s simple and it works.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Videorix provides an opportunity for small companies and non famous media personalities to make some money off their pursuits. It’s easy to use. There are no rigorous background checks or long waiting periods and the ads aren’t intrusive.

Some Questions About

Will Videorix’s lack of advertisers be detrimental? Will advertisers find this a good platform to boost sales? Will publishers be willing to use Videorix simply for a bit of cash? Will viewers be turned off?